Onchain Summer 2023

Celebrate Onchain Summer 2023! 🎉🌐☀️

Onchain summer

Welcome to a digital celebration like no other. This summer, the metaverse is buzzing with vibrancy, creativity, and the spirit of community. And what better way to commemorate this than with a stunning NFT to adorn your virtual spaces?

Introducing: Onchain Summer Radiance II 🌊☀️🌐

  • Name: Onchain Summer Radiance II
  • Network: Base
  • Total Supply: 1111 tokens

About the NFT:


Step into a digital dimension where summer's beauty converges with the world of onchain. 'Onchain Summer Radiance' is a meticulously crafted 3D artwork that encapsulates the warmth, vibrancy, and freedom of summertime. At its heart, the Base logo gleams like a sun 🌞, symbolizing the bedrock of our vibrant onchain community. Around it, sunlit waves 🌊, golden sands 🏖️, and azure skies 🌌 dance, their movements and hues a homage to the countless emotions and experiences summer brings. The legend 'Onchain Summer' proudly stands below, a testament to the unique confluence of art 🎨, technology 💽, and nature 🍃. Every pixel, every motion, is a celebration of the season, and a tribute to the Base platform's commitment to innovation. Dive in, and let the digital waves wash over you.


Claim Your Free NFT Now!

Yes, you read that right. As a tribute to Onchain Summer 2023, any user can mint this exquisite NFT for FREE on the Base network. But hurry! This offer is valid only until September 1, 2023.


Proposal 💡

  • Automatic NFT trait generator

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    Remove web image backgrounds in 2 clicks! 🚀

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